Food Security program on Poultry and Dairy concluded in a well visited seminar

On the 21st of November the Indonesian ministry of Agriculture, Indonesian and Dutch companies and knowledge institutes and The Netherlands Embassy were present the closing seminar of the Indonesian-Dutch Food Security Programme in the poultry and dairy sector which  took place in hotel Jakarta.  The most important results of the DIFS Live programme as is abbreviated, were presented and discussed. A learning textbook in Bahasa Indonesia is also presented, the book is on keeping cows sound and happy “Cow Signals”.

This bilateral programme  which started at 2013 focuses amongst others on the poultry meat and the dairy sub-sectors. Poultry and dairy products are among the most important sources of animal protein for the Indonesian consumers. The program focused on West Java and aims to contribute to increased access to:

  • safe and animal protein products for urban consumers
  • increased income levels of smallholder dairy and poultry producers.

DIFS-Live works with public and private service providers, knowledge institutes, input suppliers, slaughterhouses and other processing companies, wholesale and retail traders active .

Some of the results were the awareness campaign “ Ayam Dingin Segar“ (buy well cooled chicken) , improved processing procedures slaughterhouses for poultry, the establishment of a learning center of keeping broilers in Bandung and increased milk production and income milk farmers by using better feeding methods.

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