London coalition agreement: dual citizenship

The new coalition agreement ‘Confidence in the future” (2017-2021) includes a passage on the modernisation of nationality law.

Under the heading Family law and the law of persons the following is mentioned:

The government will draft proposals for modernising Dutch nationality law so as to extend the scope for first-generation immigrants and emigrants to hold more than one nationality. Later generations will be allowed to hold only one nationality and will, at a certain point, be required to choose which one they wish to retain.

The Dutch Embassy has received many questions about this issue following an article in The Guardian.

We would like to emphasize that, as long as the current nationality legislation has not yet been amended, the old regulations will continue to apply. We will post a notice on this website as soon as more information is available about possible new nationality legislation.

Until then, please refer to the current information on our website about losing the Dutch nationality.