15 May The Arnhem Spirit – 75 Years Brits in Arnhem

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  • Location Dutch Centre, London

7 Austin Friars

As a “warm-up” for the upcoming series of activities commemorating 75 years since the Second World War, the Dutch Embassy in the United Kingdom, supported by The Institute for Statecraft, is organising a seminar with the title “The Arnhem Spirit – 75 Years Brits in Arnhem”. The seminar will take place at the Dutch Centre, 7 Austin Friars, London EC2N 2HA on Wednesday 15 May 2019.

Many events have been organised and books have been written about the battles fought in and around Arnhem in September 1944. This seminar is different. We are coming together to celebrate the unique relationship that developed between British military (and their relatives) and the inhabitants of the Arnhem region. This started nearly 75 years back, and has grown ever since. We cannot think of a more positive example of British-Dutch relationships than this “Arnhem Spirit”. Why do you see so many Pegasus flags around the Arnhem region? What are the reasons 95 to 100 years old veterans are so keen to come to Arnhem annually? How should we continue this relationship after the last veterans will have sadly passed away? Dutch and British speakers will reflect on those questions during this full day event at the Dutch Centre in London.

We have some tickets left so if you are interested in visiting the event please e-mail Lon-defat-rsvp@minbuza.nl and let us know who you are and why you are interested in attending.