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Reporting soil pollution or soil degradation

Have you noticed that soil in your area is polluted or damaged? For example, are there harmful substances in the soil of your garden or in your neighbourhood? If so, you must report this to your province as soon as possible. You must also report it if you carry out work that may pollute or damage the soil. 

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Reporting soil/ sediment contamination or soil degradation

You must report soil contamination or degradation as soon as possible after you have noticed it. This also applies if you carry out, or cause to be carried out, activities that may contaminate or degrade the soil. The activities referred to here are set out in the Wet bodembescherming (Soil Protection Act). These include, for example:

  • operations that may lead to erosion, compaction or salinisation of the soil;
  • operations that require certain substances to be put on or into the soil in order to affect the structure or quality of the soil;
  • and other operations involving interventions or the use of substances liable to contaminate or degrade the soil.

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Last updated on 17 January 2023