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Registering a stillborn baby in the Netherlands

A stillbirth is registered with the municipality in which the child was born. The municipality then issues a birth certificate (geboorteakte) for a stillbirth. It does not matter how long the pregnancy lasted.

This is how it works for you

Your (future) place of residence falls under:

Here is some information from your municipality.

Municipality of Laarbeek: Registering a stillborn baby

You can arrange the registration in the BRP in writing or in person at the town hall. Do you prefer the latter. Call us to make an appointment 0492 469 700.

A parent can only submit a request for themselves.

What you need
You will need the following to register your child:

Your valid ID
The certificate of your stillborn child
A birth certificate (lifeless) that is included in the death register of the Dutch Civil Registry.
Possibly a marriage certificate, so that your child can be added to it
The completed registration form Form request registration stillborn child in the Basic Registration of Persons (BRP)
Was there no certificate drawn up at the time of your stillborn child?

Do you still want to file a report?
Do you still want to pass on names on an existing deed?
To do this, fill in the following form: BRP form, request amendment of a deed or new deed

You will also need:

A statement from doctor, hospital or obstetrician
An obituary or information about the funeral/cremation
Don't have all the information? The council can probably help you anyway. Feel free to call us during office hours 0492 469 700.

Questions about this topic?

Contact the Municipality of Laarbeek

Last updated on 27 September 2022