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Registering a stillborn baby in the Netherlands

A stillbirth is registered with the municipality in which the child was born. The municipality then issues a birth certificate (geboorteakte) for a stillbirth. It does not matter how long the pregnancy lasted.

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Municipality of Groningen: Registering a stillborn baby

What you need to know

You must apply for registration in the municipality where you live. This is a very personal request. Therefore, you can only have your own data changed personally. The other parent cannot do this for you. 
When the child was born, as well as the duration of the pregnancy, does not matter for the registration.
For the registration of your child, you will need a 'certificate of lifeless birth' or a 'certificate of birth (lifeless)'. Your municipality will request these from the municipality where the baby was born. You do not need to do this yourself.

No certificate present?

Were you married when your child was born or was your child already acknowledged during pregnancy? Then you must submit a written request together. This also applies if you are now divorced.
If you were not married at the time your child was born and your child was not acknowledged? Then only the mother can make a written request.

Registering in the BRP

You can register your lifeless child in the basic register of persons (BRP) if you live or plan to live in the Netherlands.

The declaration of death must be done before the funeral or cremation takes place.

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Last updated on 27 September 2022