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Registering a stillborn baby in the Netherlands

A stillbirth is registered with the municipality in which the child was born. The municipality then issues a birth certificate (geboorteakte) for a stillbirth. It does not matter how long the pregnancy lasted.

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Register lifeless child

A lifeless child can be registered in the Basic Registration of Persons (BRP).

Still registering

This also applies to children born lifeless longer ago. Even if your child died shortly after birth and was not registered. It does not matter after how many weeks of pregnancy your child was born or how long ago that was.

Was your child born in the municipality of De Bilt? Contact the municipality at 030 - 228 94 11. We will then check whether a deed already exists or what needs to be done in your case to draw it up.

Adding first names

It is also possible that the certificate of a child born long ago (lifeless) does not contain first names. This can still be done. Contact us at 030 - 228 94 11 to find out what needs to be done in your case to add the first name(s) to the certificate.

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Last updated on 27 September 2022