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Registering a foreign document in the Netherlands

Do you have a foreign document, such as a birth certificate, a death certificate or divorce documents? If you are a citizen of the Netherlands or a refugee with a temporary asylum residence permit (statushouder) you must register it with the municipality where you live.

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Registering foreign documents

Do you possess a certificate or document of an event that occurred abroad? Like a birth, marriage, divorce, death, recognition or adoption? In these cases you must arrange for registration of these documents with the municipality. Make an appointment to do so, or call 14015 (0031 15 260 2222 for foreign calls). 

The event must be legally valid in the country where it occurred. This implies that the document must have been drafted according to local regulations and by a competent authority.


In practically all cases, foreign documents must be legalised in their country of origin. For applicable procedures per individual country, consult the website van de Rijksoverheid / Dutch government website.


You will not need a translation of documents in:

  • Dutch
  • English
  • French
  • German

Is your document in another language? In that case you need a translation. You must proceed as follows:

  • Apply to the issuing department of the document for a multi-language model form. This is only possible for documents originating from the European Union.
  • You arrange translation of your document by a sworn translator.

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Last updated on 22 September 2022