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Registering a civil partnership in the Netherlands

Do you want to form a civil partnership? If so, you must first notify the municipality. You must do this at least 2 weeks and a maximum of 1 year before you want to form the civil partnership.

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Municipality of Doetinchem: Registering a civil partnership

While plannen and signing up for a civil partnership you will make a number of choice. These choice will at least include the ceremony and location. The costd of this depends on your wishes and what is possible in the municipality of Doetinchem.


The ceremony is the official part of your civil partnership. You can choose between the following options:

  • no ceremony (free);
  • a simple ceremony (possible from 1 January 2023);
  • an elaborate ceremony.

If you choose for an elaborate ceremony, you can decide who will lead the ceremony. You can choose between:

  • wedding officiant from the municipality; 
  • a family member or acquaintance.

If you choose for an officiant from the municipality, they will contact you a number of weeks before the ceremony's planned date to get to know you and your partner.

In case you want a family member or acquaintance to become a temporary wedding officiant you will have to contact the municipality yourself. Phone number: 0031 314 377 377. 

Ceremony location

You can choose for several locations for your ceremony within the municipality of Doetinchem. You can decide between:

  • a location of the municipality;
  • your own location.

If you want to use your own location, you will have to contact the municipality.

Phone number:  0031 314 377 377

Questions about this topic?

Contact the Municipality of Doetinchem

Last updated on 21 September 2022