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Registering a civil partnership in the Netherlands

Do you want to form a civil partnership? If so, you must first notify the municipality. You must do this at least 2 weeks and a maximum of 1 year before you want to form the civil partnership.

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Municipality of Brummen: Registering a civil partnership

You make a number of choices when planning and registering your intention to enter a civil partnership. These choices relate to the type of ceremony and the venue. The costs depend on your wishes and the possibilities in the municipality of Brummen.


The ceremony is the official part of entering your civil partnership. You can choose from:

  • without elaborate ceremony (free of charge): this option is available 2 times a week , only on mondays;
  • with elaborate ceremony: this option is possible every day of the week.

If you choose an elaborate ceremony, you can choose who leads the ceremony. You can choose from:

  • wedding registrar from the municipality of Brummen;
  • another, one-time designated,  wedding registrar (who is already working as a wedding registrar in another municipality in the Netherlands) .

If you choose a wedding registrar from the municipality of Brummen, this registrar will contact you a few weeks before the planned date to introduce themselves and find out more about you and your partner.

Do you want another wedding registrar to conduct the ceremony? If so, you must contact the municipality yourself.

Location of the ceremony

You can hold the ceremony to enter your civil partnership at various locations in the municipality of Brummen. You can choose from:

  • a municipal building;
  • a location of your own choice.

If you want to hold the ceremony at a location of your choice, contact the municipality.

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Last updated on 21 September 2022