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Paying the sewage charge

You pay a sewage charge (rioolheffing) for your wastewater and for rainwater that ends up in the sewer. The sewage charge is part of the municipal taxes and is collected by the municipality, which uses that money to pay for maintenance and replacement of the sewers. Some municipalities also call the sewage charge sewage tax (rioolbelasting).

This is how it works in your (future) place of residence

Your (future) place of residence falls under the Municipality of Veendam.

Municipal taxes

Notice. You only have to pay sewerage charges if you live in the Netherlands and are registered with a municipality.

When determining sewerage charges, the municipality distinguishes between a user and the owner of the property. The sewerage charge therefore consists of an owner's part and a user's part. There are 2 sewerage charges. Users who use more than 300 m3 of water on an annual basis pay a user part.

Questions about this topic?

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Last updated on 26 September 2022