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Paying parking tax

Parking your car or other vehicle is not free everywhere and at all times in the Netherlands. In some areas and at certain times you have to pay for parking. By paying for parking you also pay parking tax (parkeerbelasting). If you do not pay for parking where and when necessary you will be charged a penalty. This penalty is called a parking ticket (parkeerbon). If you disagree with the penalty you can challenge it with the municipality.

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Parking ticket

You receive a parking ticket by the municipality of Leiden if you fail to pay at the ticket machine or if you do not have the correct parking permit. You may appeal against the parking ticket.

Make sure that you don't get a parking ticket:

  • Paying at the ticket machine? Enter the right number plate.
  • Do you have a parking permit? Make sure that the municipality knows the right number plate.

A parking ticket is also called a penalty charge notice (naheffingsaanslag parkeerbelastingen). With the parking ticket, you also pay the parking charge which you should have paid to park your car. The traffic warden places the ticket on your car's windscreen.

Are you the owner of the car? In a few days' time, you will then receive the 'duplicaat naheffingsaanslag parkeerbelastingen' (duplicate penalty charge notice). This notice includes a date: the 'dagtekening' (date of notification). You must pay within 30 days of this date.

Do you have a lease car and do you receive a parking ticket? Check with your leasing company who pays the fine to the municipality.

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Last updated on 22 September 2022