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Exemptions from compulsory school attendance in the Netherlands

Children aged 5 to 16 are obliged to attend full-time education. In certain circumstances, your child might be exempted from compulsory school attendance. This is called vrijstelling van leerplicht (exemption from compulsory school attendance). In that case, your child does not have to go to school. Where you apply for the exemption depends on the situation.


With an exemption from compulsory education, your child does not have to attend school. There are 3 types of exemption (in Dutch):

This is how it works in your (future) place of residence

Your (future) place of residence falls under the Municipality of Bunnik.

Exemptions from compulsory education

Sometimes it happens that there is (temporarily) no view of a teaching location. Parents can then request an exemption from compulsory education through the attendance officer. There are different types of exemptions. You can find more information about this on the website of the Dutch government.

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