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Applying to get married in the Netherlands

Are you planning to get married? If you intend to get married, you must notify the municipality of this at least 2 weeks and not more than 1 year before the wedding.

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Applying to get married in the Netherlands

Contrary to the text above, in the municipality of Arnhem you must register a marriage at least 4 weeks before it is concluded.

If neither you nor your partner live in the Netherlands, you must give notice of your marriage in the municipality of Den Haag (The Hague). You can find more information on how to register a marriage for Dutch citizens living outside the Netherlands at the website.

When planning and registering your marriage, you make a number of choices. In any case, this concerns the wedding venue. The costs depend on your wishes and the possibilities in the municipality of Arnhem.

You can also choose your own wedding registrar. See which rules apply to choosing your own wedding registrar.

Wedding venue

You can hold the ceremony for your registered partnership in various places in the municipality of Arnhem. You can choose:

  • a municipal venue
  • fixed venues
  • your own venue

The website offers more information about fixed wedding venues in the municipality of Arnhem and about arranging your own wedding venue.

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Last updated on 21 September 2022