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Applying for study benefit for students with a disability

Do you receive government financial support for your tertiary or secondary education? Are you unable to earn extra income due to a chronic illness or disability? Then you may be eligible for study benefit (studietoeslag) from your municipality.

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Municipality of Stichtse Vecht: Applying for study benefit for students with a disability

Many students have a side job to pay for their studies. If you have a disability, earning on the side is often difficult. You may be entitled to an individual study allowance: a helping hand for students with a disability. The allowance is intended to encourage young people to (continue to) study. A completed education increases the chances of getting a job.

How much individual study allowance you get depends on your age. It is not a loan. You can keep it and decide for yourself what to spend it on.

Allowance per age

AgeAllowance per month (net)
21 years and above€ 302,79
20 years€ 242,23
19 years€ 181,67
18 years€ 151,40
17 years€ 119,60
16 years€ 104,46
15 years€ 90,84

Are you doing an internship for your studies and therefore receive an internship allowance? You retain the right to a study allowance. However, the amount that you earn with your internship exceeding 181.67 euro will be deducted from the study allowance.

For example: you receive 200 euro internship allowance. That is 18.33 euro more than 181.67 euro. In that case you will still receive 181.67 - 18.33 = 163.34 euro.

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Last updated on 26 September 2022