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Applying for special social assistance

If you have a low income and it is impossible for you to pay exceptional and unexpected costs, you may be entitled to extra financial support from the municipality. This is called special social assistance (bijzondere bijstand).

This is how it works in your (future) place of residence

Your (future) place of residence falls under the Municipality of Veendam.

Special assistance

Sometimes you have to spend money for something you didn't expect. For example, because you unexpectedly need a lawyer. Or because you need to spend money on a meal service or for travel expenses to the hospital. If you have a low income and few assets, you may be able to apply for special assistance. This is extra money for special expenses that you urgently need to incur but will not be reimbursed. So you cannot put off the expenses. Special assistance is not only for people with benefits. Even if you have a low salary or pension, you can apply for it. We look at your income and then decide how high the amount will be. Special assistance is a money loan or a gift.

Apply for special assistance on time. You can no longer apply if you have already received the bill.

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Last updated on 21 September 2022