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Applying for a planning permit

Are you planning to build or demolish something in your garden or next to your home? For example, do you intend to build a garage or cut down a tree? If so, you will often need a planning permit (omgevingsvergunning). You can apply for this permit via Omgevingsloket online. In some cases you only need to notify the authorities, and no permit is required.

This is how it works in your (future) place of residence

Your (future) place of residence falls under the Municipality of 's-Hertogenbosch.

Planning permit or notification

Do you want to know whether you need an omgevingsvergunning (planning permit) or submit a notification? You can do an online vergunningcheck (permit check) at the Omgevingsloket online (service counter All-in-one permit for physical aspects). You need DigiD or Eherkenning. 


Before you submit an application for an environmental permit, you can, if you wish, receive written advice:

  • We then check your draft application beforehand whether it complies with zoning plans and whether it has a chance of success.
  • We check whether your plan fits within the zoning plan; we then test it against the aesthetics memorandum.
  • If your plan does not fit within the zoning plan, we assess whether your application has a chance of success. If your plan is promising, we will ask you to conduct an environmental dialogue with us.

For questions and more information, please contact the Environment Desk (Omgevingsloket) of the municipality of 's-Hertogenbosch via telephone number +31 73) 615 57 77 or send an e-mail via the digital contact form.

Apply for planning permission

  1. Go to the website Omgevingsloket online.
  2. Do the vergunningcheck (permit check).
  3. You will see whether you need a permit.
  4. You can apply for the permit immediately online or in writing. Use the Omgevingsloket for both options. Log in: 
    * for yourself: with DigiD 
    * for a company: with eHerkenning

Costs and payment

The costs depend on the activity and construction costs. These can be found in the Legesverordening (Fee regulation) of the municipality of 's-Hertogenbosch on the website.  

How long does it take?

In principle, your (regular) application is processed within 8 weeks. The decision period can be extended (by several weeks) to a maximum of 6 weeks. The extensive procedure is for more complex applications. For example, for monuments, multiple laws or in the case of fire safety. The processing time is then a maximum of 6 months, which may be extended in exceptional cases.

Start of work and work completed

You can report via this digital application form for "start of activities" and "completed activities". There are costs involved.

Temporary use of municipal land

You need permission to erect scaffolding and/or a waste container on municipal land. Please use the digital application form. Charges apply.

Environmental permits for inspection

The municipality publishes all environmental permits on the website. To stay informed about these publications, you can subscribe to a message service on this website. You can also use the Omgevingsalert app. 

If you would like to request the documents accompanying an environmental permit, please send us an e-mail via the digital contact form.

Archive data and construction drawings

Are you looking for data, construction drawings or calculations? You can request these data from the municipality's building archives. There are charges for this; these are listed in the request form.

Further information

For questions and more information, please contact the Environment Desk of the municipality of 's-Hertogenbosch via telephone number +31 73) 615 57 77 or send us an e-mail via the digital contact form.

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