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Applying for a permit for special transport on a waterway

There are rules for waterways, such as rivers and canals. For example, how big your ship is allowed to be to use the waterway. Is your ship larger than allowed? Or do you want to carry special goods on the waterway? You must then apply for a special waterway transport permit.

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Apply for a permit for special transport on a provincial waterway

If you transport by water, there are rules on what you may carry on your vessel. There are also rules on the size of your vessel. Do you wish to transport something out of the ordinary? Or is your vessel larger than allowed under the rules? Then you must apply for a permit. The waterway manager determines whether you will be granted the permit.

You will often travel through multiple waterways. If these waterways have different managers, you must be authorised by all these managers.

You apply for the exemption with the DLBT.

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Last updated on 2 June 2023