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Applying for a permit for an activity on a Natura 2000 site

Do you want to carry out activities in or close to a Natura 2000 site? For example, building a house or cutting down trees. Some activities are harmful to nature because they disturb the habitat of plants or animals. You must therefore apply for a permit from the province where you plan to carry out the activities.

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Applying for a permit for a Natura 2000 site

Do you want to carry out activities in a Natura 2000 site? Activities that you carry out, may affect a Natura 2000 site. To carry out your plans, you may need a permit. You need a permit for, among other: 

  • emission that leads to nitrogen deposit on a Natura 2000 site; 
  • destruction and fragmentation;
  • noise and light disturbance; 
  • groundwater abstraction; 
  • recreation leading to disturbance

If your activity results in damage, conduct research (nature check) to determine whether there is a permit requirement.

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Last updated on 2 June 2023