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Applying for a permit for an activity on a Natura 2000 site

Do you want to carry out activities in or close to a Natura 2000 site? For example, building a house or cutting down trees. Some activities are harmful to nature because they disturb the habitat of plants or animals. You must therefore apply for a permit from the province where you plan to carry out the activities.

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Province of Drenthe: Applying for a permit for an activity on a Natura 2000 site

Does your industrial business carry out environmentally harmful activities in the field of waste, energy and water use? If so, you will have to draw up an environmental report on your business on an annual basis. This is called the full PRTR report. The acronym PRTR stands for Pollutant Release and Transfer Register. It also covers the release of pollutants into the air, water and soil. Does your business exceed the threshold for one or more substances on the substance list (such as methane, carbon monoxide or carbon dioxide)? If so, you will have to report the release and transmission of pollutants to the authority that issued the environmental permit. The threshold for a substance determines whether the business has a reporting obligation for that substance. You send the report via the elektronisch milieujaarverslag – e-MJV (digital environmental annual report). It reaches the relevant authority, for example the province, and the data is then sent to the Minister of Infrastructure and Water Management.

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Last updated on 2 June 2023