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Applying for an exemption for a competition on a provincial road

Would you like to organise a competition on a provincial road? For example, a cycling race. Then you must apply for an exemption for this. You can apply for the exemption from the province.

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Road racing

You are obliged to apply for an exemption if you wish to hold competitions on the public roadway. You apply for the exemption with the manager of that road. The exemption will only be granted if demonstrable measures are in place to ensure the safety of participants and organisers. The Wet aansprakelijkheidsverzekering motorrijtuigen (Motor Vehicle Liability Insurance Act) applies.


The exemption is requested from the road manager. The road manager is one of these:

  • The regional directorate of Rijkswaterstaat if the road is managed by the state.
  • The province if the road is located in the territory of multiple municipalities or on provincial roads.
  • The municipality if the road is within that municipality.

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Last updated on 2 June 2023