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Applying to collect a driving licence in the Netherlands

Have you passed your practical driving test? You can then collect your driving licence at your municipality. You are not allowed to drive a vehicle until you have collected your driving licence.

This is how it works for you

Your (future) place of residence falls under:

Here is some information from your municipality.

Applying for a driving licence

To apply for, renew or other information related to a driving licence below on the Apply for/renew driving licence link.

  • Do you want to extend your driving licence? This can be done digitally directly at the RDW. You can click this option when you click the Apply for/extend driving licence button below.
  • Are you applying for a driving licence for the first time? This can only be done in person by appointment via the Apply for/extend driving licence link.

Apply for/extend digital driving licence

If you apply for your driving licence digitally, it will be ready for you after 2 working days. No extra costs are charged. You can collect it without an appointment.


You pay costs for applying for a driving licence.  The costs are stated in the fees regulation of the municipality of 's-Hertogenbosch.

A medical examination is required if:

  • Your driving licence expires on or after your 75th birthday.
  • You have a medical impairment.
  • You need a truck or bus driving licence (C, CE, D or DE). You cannot be examined by a GP, go to an occupational health doctor/registered company doctor.

Follow the procedure via the CBR website. Do this 5 months before applying for or expiring your driving licence.


You can collect a driving licence from the place where you applied for it. Do not forget to bring your old driving licence, as you will need to hand it in. You can collect it without an appointment. 

The document remains with us for 3 months. Has it not been collected by then? Then it will be destroyed.


The driving licence for a moped, motorbike, agricultural vehicle or passenger car is valid for 10 years in most cases. Licences for trucks and buses have had a validity of up to 5 years since 19 January 2013. These periods may be shorter due to medical reasons or because of your age. The validity period is shown on the driving licence.


Need a driving licence quickly? Then submit an urgent application. If you apply for the driving licence before 2 pm, it will be ready after 2 working days. You pay extra costs. Do you need the driving licence even faster? Then you can call the first working day after your application from 10 am to see if it has arrived yet. Do you no longer have your old driving licence? Then an urgent procedure is not always possible.

If you apply for your driving licence digitally, it will be ready for you after 2 working days. No extra costs will be charged. You can collect it without an appointment.

Further information

For applications, costs and conditions, contact the municipality of 's-Hertogenbosch via telephone of WhatsApp on +31 73 - 615 51 55 or send an e-mail via the digital contact form.

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