Knowledge and information for businesses

If you're planning to do business abroad, the government can provide you with the information you need. For example, on rules and regulations, cultural differences and practical matters.

There is a lot to consider when entering a new market.  It is important to have the right information.  The Dutch government can help answer any questions you may have about doing business and collaborating abroad.  Our network of missions helps you take advantage of opportunities and achieve your international ambitions.

Different rules and customs

When you do business abroad, you will be subject to other rules and regulations. For example, rules about exporting to the country in question. Or rules on exploiting opportunities in the local maket.

Often, there are also cultural differences to deal with, such as local customs.

Who can you turn to for assistance?

Mission network

If you have specific plans to do business abroad or have encountered problems doing business in a specific country, mission staff can help. They are familiar with the local market, they highlight opportunities and give practical advice. And sometimes they can open doors that others can't.

In the Netherlands

In the Netherlands you can contact the Netherlands Enterprise Agency ( As the front office for international enterprise and cooperation, can help you put your plan into action.

Still finding your way?

You can get general information on international business from, the digital one-stop shop for government information for businesses. Or you can contact the Chamber of Commerce (KvK). For information on fiscal rules and regulations, contact the Tax and Customs Administration.

You can also use the 'NL exporteert' app (in Dutch), developed for those who want to do business abroad.

Good to know

How do you apply for a business passport? And how can you find out if there are economic sanctions against a country? The mission network can help you with these and other practical questions.