Business networks and contacts in the United States

Whatever your international business plans, you need the right contacts to carry them through. The missions can help you with that.

Contacts and networks

Are you looking for specific business contacts abroad? It's not always easy to find reliable agents, customers or partners, especially when trying to do so from the Netherlands. Staff members at our embassies are there for you. They know the local players, networks and markets, and can overcome the language and cultural barriers.

You can ask for a business partner scan to give you insight into local market opportunities.

If you're looking for innovative partners in Europe, you can also try the Enterprise Europe Network.

Arranging introductions

Knowing which people match your ambitions is one thing. Getting in touch with them is another. Embassy staff often have easier access to the right people. They can highlight your company or organisation and introduce you to interested parties. They also organise seminars and events to put you in touch with potential partners. In certain cases you can also use mission facilities to organise activities.

Trade missions, trade fairs and partnerships

Taking part in a trade mission (perhaps with a minister or state secretary) or joint trade fair (website in Dutch) exhibit is a good way to expand your network at home and abroad. And you can benefit from the collective spotlight and promotional pull of the Netherlands.

If you want to enter a foreign market with a group of businesses and knowledge institutions, the Partners for International Business (PIB) programme can help (website in Dutch). Contact the Netherlands Enterprise Agency ( for more information.

Business networks and contacts in this country or region

Netherlands American Business Council

The Netherlands American Business Council represents the Dutch-American business and professional community in the United States.  

It is a network of independent Dutch-American chambers of commerce, business councils, local chapters of the Netherland-America Foundation (NAF), and the NAF-Biz network throughout the United States.

Its members represent Dutch companies that operate in the United States, American companies that have strong ties to the Netherlands, and Dutch-American professionals in the United States.  

Member associations are located throughout the United States, including in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, Ohio, San Francisco, New York, and Washington, D.C.