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Water management in the Balkans

The Western Balkan countries are among the richest in Europe in terms of amount of water available per person, which is twice the European average.

Economically important river systems

There are several key river basins, most of them transboundary. The Danube is the second largest river in Europe and drains an area of approximately 801,093 km2. From the Mediterranean side, one river enters the Aegean Sea (Axios/Vardar), while three enter the Adriatic Sea (Neretva-Trebišnjica, Drini/Drim and Vjosa/Aoos).

Besides agriculture, irrigation, tourism & recreation, industry and drinking water, the water in these river systems is also used to produce electricity in hydropower plants of various types. At the same time, the region struggles with challenges such as flooding, drink water losses, environmental protection and river basin management, which opens up possibilities for the innovative Dutch water sector.