Doing business in the Western Balkans

This is the website of the Dutch economic network in the Western Balkans

Economic needs, business potential and EU perspective

The region’s key developmental needs and commercial potential in key Dutch priority sectors such as agriculture, water, energy, textile and IT, make the Western Balkans an interesting region for Dutch trade and investment. This is strengthened by the region’s EU integration perspective, as well as its competitive operating costs.

Important EU trading partners

The Western Balkans is an interesting market for EU goods and services and is becoming part of European value chains, facilitated by Stabilisation and Association Agreements with each of the region’s countries. Around 60% of the region’s imports originate from the EU, which in turn receives nearly 70% of the region’s exports.

Growth-driven development

Growth for the Western Balkan region is estimated to be 3.8% in 2019, according to the latest World Bank report. In this context, the Dutch embassies in the region aim to be accessible and constructive partners for business development of Dutch companies in the countries of the Western Balkans.


Passport tool now also available in English

The new tool for passport and ID card applications is now available in English on The tool simplifies the procedure for Dutch nationals applying for a passport or identity card abroad or at a border municipality.

Your Dutch old age pension (AOW): what you need to know

If you have lived or worked in the Netherlands at some time in the past, you will probably be entitled to a Dutch old age pension (AOW) upon reaching retirement age. Even if you move to another country. Recently changes in Dutch law have led to adjustments in the AOW-scheme, which means that you may start receiving your pension later than you expected. Please keep yourself informed by regularly checking the website of the Social Insurance Bank (SVB), or contact the SVB directly.