Services of the economic network

Trade requests

Do you have a trade request about doing business in the GCC? The embassies in Abu Dhabi (UAE), Riyadh (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia), Doha (Qatar), Muscat (Oman), Kuwait City (Kuwait and Bahrain) and the Consulate-General in Dubai (UAE) are ready to assist you.

We offer concrete answers to your questions relating to exporting and investing abroad, and can assist you in efforts to discover potential market opportunities.

Tailored personal advice and matchmaking

Tailored personal advice by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency ( can include an overview of potential business partners in your target market, such as agents or distributors and manufacturing partners. Our network will look for matches with parties meeting your specific criteria and who are interested in working with you.

Company check

The economic government network in the Gulf region can run a company check ont a potential business partner in the GCC at the request of companies from the Netherlands. The check verifies if the company is legally registered with a local authority.

Trade missions and delegations

Trade missions, delegations and joint submissions for exhibitions are regularly organized from the Netherlands to the Gulf region. Several trade fairs of interest take place within the GCC area. The economic government network supports presentations at international exhibitions and can provide you with the right information. We can advise you in participating and help you to meet potential local partners. Have a look at the agenda for trade missions to find out when and where!

Trade disputes

Trade disputes range from differences in interpretation of contracts and agreements, to liability for breach of local regulations and requirements. The economic government network can provide you with a list of attorneys that can support you in the process.

Advice on the Orange Carpet visa procedure

Dutch companies with an exclusive partnership with a GCC company or companies with an office in both a GCC country and the Netherlands can sign up for the Orange Carpet Visa facility. This programme is aimed at optimizing  business opportunities and further promoting trade and investment between the GCC countries and the Netherlands. It also allows the employees, who travel frequently from GCC countries to the Netherlands, to hand in their visa applications in a fast and professional way.
To apply for an Orange Carpet visa, please contact the Dutch government representation in your GCC country.

Other services

  • Access to business contacts through our economic network
  • Introduction to contacts at various levels
  • Advice on lawyers and accountants
  • Holland promotion

Support tools

The Dutch economic government network works closely together with organizations and ministries in the Netherlands. For example, the Netherlands Enterprise Agency ( has several tools to support companies with their ambitions abroad, both starting and experienced entrepreneurs.