Business information

Holland has a growing and healthy economy with a strong services sector and excellent industries. It offers local and foreign businesses an environment that is conducive to international trade, efficient export, innovation and collaboration with some of the world’s best companies and research institutes.

Doing Business in Holland

When expanding your international business to Holland, it can be useful to get a good start on how to do business in this country or with a Dutch company. Explore Dutch business information and the organisations that can be of assistance. Find out more.

Export & Import

Traditionally, Holland has an open economy and the level of trade with other countries is very significant. To get you oriented with doing business in Holland, the following information contains a broad variety of useful facts, figures and observations about Dutch export and import. Find out more.

Investing in Holland

The strategic location, the excellent business climate and the high quality of education are only a few of the benefits of investing in Holland.

For companies that consider expansion of their international activities in Holland, there is a great overview of the advantages to be found via the link above. For more information, please contact  NFIA.

Research & Development

Research and development play a significant role in the economic growth of a country and promote a country's future competitiveness in the global economy. In order to strengthen the strong global positions Holland holds in several sectors, the government has earmarked 1.5 billion euros for further development of these top sectors (40% private investments). Get to know the Research & Development expenditure and the important industries in Holland. Find out more.