Water management in ASEAN

Southeast Asia includes some of the most vulnerable countries to climate change. Several countries in the region experience floods and/or excessive rainfalls. This means a high demand for good watershed and land use management, flood and mitigation adaption, and institutional arrangements. At the same time, various areas within the ASEAN region suffer from drought. This implies the need for water resource information systems or water management infrastructure.

Most countries recognise the urgency of these challenges and the need to improve their water infrastructure and water management. This provides interesting opportunities for the Dutch water sector. For example, Dutch expertise could contribute to developing sea ports, dredging inland water ways and providing expertise for the implementation of integrated water management systems.

The Dutch water sector has an excellent reputation in the region and a lot of experience. A good example is the involvement of multiple Dutch parties in the Mekong delta of Vietnam. This intensive cooperation has led to a successful, integral approach to the various challenges related to water in this area.

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