Agriculture in ASEAN

Agri & Food and horticulture are key sectors throughout Southeast Asia, accounting for a substantial share of the region’s GDP and employing an important part of the workforce.

The region’s diverse markets include some of the world’s largest agricultural exporters such as Thailand and Vietnam, as well as innovative centres of research and development such as Singapore.

Although rice is still the region’s main crop, other commodities such as maize, coffee, cocoa as well as fruits and vegetables are also important. Some member states are also specialised in fresh and canned fish or in livestock. Besides, palm oil is one of the main agricultural products for both Indonesia and Malaysia.

Increasing populations, climate change, rising levels of prosperity and urbanisation constitute major challenges for most of the ASEAN countries and require innovative solutions.

As the world’s second largest exporter of agricultural products and major provider of knowledge and technology, the Netherlands has a lot to offer to Southeast Asian markets at all levels of the value chain.

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