Coronavirus: Q&A's health declaration for travellers to the Netherlands

A health certificate is compulsory for travelers landing at Schiphol airport or another airport in the Netherlands.

Under the Public Health Act, it is ensured that all airlines arriving at Schiphol Airport or departing from check their passengers and ask for a health declaration. The declaration must be completed before boarding.

When I arrive at Schiphol, or another airport in the Netherlands, what should I take into account in view of Covid19 measures?

Check the link of Schiphol Airport for the most frequently asked questions:

Do I need a health certificate, and if so, how do I get one?

Yes, for travelling to the Netherlands, upon arrival, as well as upon departure, you will need a health certificate. Click here for the health form.

Who checks the health declaration?

Passengers must bring the completed form with them to the Netherlands. At the airport of arrival, passengers will be asked (randomly) to show their health declaration. Passengers also receive information about the measures in force in the Netherlands.

What happens to refused passengers?

It is up to the health authorities in the country concerned to make a health risk analysis and determine the next steps.