Finding a business partner in the United States

If you have specific plans to do business abroad, a business partner scan can help you find reliable foreign partners quickly.

Introduction to foreign business partners

Staff from the mission network (website in Dutch) and the Netherlands Enterprise Agency ( can introduce your business to possible foreign partners.

Business partners could mean agents, distributors or production partners. International organisations can also be business partners.

Business partner scan

Embassy staff and can conduct business partner scans for you in more than 60 countries (website in Dutch). You can apply for a business scan for more than one country. The service is available to any business or organisation registered with the Chamber of Commerce (KvK).

Applying for an advisory consultation

Interested in a business partner scan? Make an appointment for an advisory telephone consultation with (website in Dutch) or contact the Dutch mission in the country in question.

Finding business partners in this country or region

Midwest Innovation Hubs

The Consulate General in Chicago has created an online portal to help entreprenuers explore the innovation hubs in America's Midwest.

Browse through the platform to find opportunities the Consulate General has identified, and discover which sector plays an important role in each hub. You can also see the footprint a sector has in a metropolitan area and learn about the innovation culture to determine if your innovative business would thrive.

 Check out the map here.