3. Wales

Wales is situated in the west of the UK. Its capital, Cardiff, is the main economic centre and financial services is one of the most important sectors. Agriculture and wind power facilities (both onshore and offshore) also play an important role.

Through the Digital Development Fund, the Welsh government is positioning Wales as a base for digital businesses.

The Netherlands is Wales’ fifth largest export destination.

Population: 3,1 miljoen
Surface area: 20.761 km2
Major cities: Cardiff, Swansea & Newport




Gross Added Value (2017): £62,190 million (£ 19,899 per capita)

Import (2017)
Value: £17.556 million (3,8% of total UK imports )
Main partners: United States, Germany and China
Main products: machinery & transport equipment,fossif fuels

Export (2017)
Value: £16.429 million (5% of overall UK exports )
Main partners: Germany, France, United States
Main products: machinery & transport equipment, chemicals


Major Airpots                    

Major Harbours                                                

Cardiff University Cardiff Airport Cardiff Docks
Swansea University Port Penrhyn
Hollyhead Port
Port of Newport