9. South West

Like the South East, the South West is a key economic region, with a strong knowledge economy and a well-developed service sector. Advanced engineering is a particularly important sector in the region, which is home to the largest aerospace industry in the UK (the third largest in Europe).

Bristol is the most important city, due to its location on the M4 motorway, which connects it with London. The Cotswolds, Dorset, Devon and Cornwall are magnets for tourism, which is a major earner for the region. The British army also has a number of bases here, including the Royal Marines in Devon and land forces on Salisbury Plain. There is also a large defence industry around Bristol.

Population: 5,6 million
Surface area: 23.800 km2
Major cities: Bristol, Plymouth, Gloucester, Bath & Exeter




Gross Value Added (2017): £130.635 million (£23.499 per capita)

Import (2017)
Value: 5,3% of total UK imports
Main partners: United States, Germany, China
Main products: machinery & transport equipment, chemicals

Export (2017)
Value: 6,3% of total UK exports
Main partners: United States, Germany, France
Main products: machinery & transport equipment,

Important universities              

Major Airports

Major Harbours

University of Exeter Bristol Airport Weymouth Harbour
University of Bristol Exeter Airport Poole Harbour
University of Bath Port of Plymouth
Arts University Bournemouth