10. South East

After London the South East has the highest population density in the UK and is often referred to as the engine of the British economy. The region has the most varied economy of all UK regions. It is home to many international engineering and technology companies, particularly in the defence and aero industries. The region also has a flourishing space industry. Other well-developed sectors are IT, the pharmaceutical industry, BioTech and agriculture (mainly fruit). The Brighton area is a hotspot for the creative sector, including a concentration of interactive media.

Population: 9,1 million
Surface area: 19.095 km2
Major cities: Brighton, Portsmouth, Oxford, Southampton, Canterbury & Reading




Gross Value Added (2017): £267,126  million (£29,415 per )

Import (2017)
Value: 19,7% of total UK imports
Main partners: Germany, Netherlands, United States
Main products: fossil fuels, machinery & transport equipment

Export (2017)
Value: 13,7% of total UK exports
Main partners: United States, Germany, France
Main products: fossil fuels, machinery & transport equipment

Important universities

Major airports

Major harbours

University of Oxford Heathrow Airport
(15 mijl ten westen van Londen)
Port of Dover
University of Southampton Gatwick Airport
(15 mijl ten zuidwesten van Londen)
Port of Southampton
University of Surrey Portsmouth International Port
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