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1. Scotland

Scotland lies in the north of the UK and is a fairly prosperous country. The country has two major economic clusters:

  • Edinburgh: the UK’s second-largest financial centre
  • Aberdeen: a major hub for the oil and gas industry.

A growing and successful games and film industry has developed around Edinburgh, Glasgow and Dundee. Other growing sectors include sustainable energy, engineering and technology, particularly in life sciences and health. In 2017 the Netherlands was the largest export destination for Scottish goods and services.

Population: 5.4 million
Surface area: 78,387 km2
Major cities: Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen




Gross Value Added (2017): £138,231 million (£25,485 per head of population)

Imports (2017)
Value: £24,202 million (5.2% of total UK imports)
Main partners: Norway, China, United States

Main products: machinery & transport equipment, fossil fuels, manufactures

Exports (2017)
Value: £28,839 million (8.7% of overall UK exports)
Main partners: Netherlands, United States, Germany
Main products: fossil fuels, machinery & transport equipment, alcoholic beverages and tobacco

Universities Major Airports Major Harbours
University of Edinburgh Edinburgh Airport Aberdeen Harbour
University of Glasgow Glasgow Airport Port of Dundee
University of St Andrews Port of Cromarty Firth
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