2. Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland is situated in the northeast of the island of Ireland and is the UK’s smallest country. There are many economic sectors, spread across the country. The most important industries are agriculture, aerospace (the eighth-largest hub in the world) and medical technology.

A third of Northern Ireland’s population live in Belfast, which is an indication of the capital’s economic importance. Northern Ireland also has a growing creative sector, especially in film, music and animation.

Population: 1,9 million
Surface area: 13.843 km2
Major cities: Belfast, Londonderry




Gross Value Added (2017): £39.613 million (£21.172 per capita)

Import (2017)
Value: £7.442 million (1,6% of total UK import)
Main partners: Ireland, United States, China
Main products: machinery & transport equipment, animal stock and food

Export (2017)
Value: £8.553 million (2,6% of overall UK exports)
Main partners: Ireland, United States, Canada
Main products: machinery & transport equipment, chemicals, animal stock and food

Important Universities Major Airports Major Harbours
Queen’s University Belfast Belfast International Airport Belfast Harbour
College of Agriculture, Food
and Rural Enterprise (CAFRE)
Foyle Port
Port of Larne
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