12. Greater London

London is the engine of the UK economy. It is an attractive city for many national and international businesses to locate.

London accounts for over 20% of the UK’s GNP. The main economic clusters are:

  • the financial sector
  • technology and digital startups
  • the creative sector.

Population: 8,8 million
Surface area: 1.572 km2


Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands


Gross Value Added (2017): £431,161 million (£48,857 per capita)

Import (2017)
Value: 13,3% of total UK imports
Main partners: China, Germany, Netherlands
Main products: fossil fuels, machinery & transport equipment

Export (2017)
Value: 11% of total UK exports
Main partners: United States, Germany, Hong Kong
Main products: fossil fuels, machinery & transport equipment

Important universities               

Major Airports

Major Harbours

London School of Economics Heathrow Airport Port of Londen
Imperial College London Gatwick Airport
King’s College London City Airport
Queen Mary University of London
University College London
Royal College of Music
Royal Academy of Arts