Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency

Whether you’re considering locating in the Netherlands or have existing operations there, the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA) assists companies at every stage of establishing or expanding operations in the Netherlands.

As an operational unit of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy, the NFIA is the first port of call, connecting companies with a broad network of business partners, regional economic development organisations and government institutions to facilitate your international expansion.

NFIA Services include:

  • Information gathering: Starting in your country of origin, the NFIA is prepared to assist your company in every stage of establishing, rolling out or expanding operations in the Netherlands.
  • Building a business case: With access to a vast database of information and being able to tap into the assembled knowledge of the Dutch government, we can help you build a tailored business case why the Netherlands can work for your business.
  • Introductions: facilitating introductions to key partners, including commercial service providers, tax, customs and immigration authorities, regional investment agencies and companies; and providing personalised guidance and counsel on government policy, work and permit procedures, location options and business solutions.
  • Fact Finding: The NFIA organises tailored fact-finding missions, which may include site visits, meetings with relevant partners and quality of life familiarisation.
  • Advocacy: The NFIA and its network of partners serve as a channel through which you can share your views and experiences concerning the business investment climate in the Netherlands with the Dutch government. The NFIA puts your feedback in the right hands so that it may be used as input for future decision-making.

All NFIA’s services are non-obligatory, free of charge and confidential:

Image: ©NFIA / NFIA