Last update: 23-01-2018

On 29 March 2017, the British government officially informed the EU, in accordance with art. 50 of the Treaty on European Union, that the UK intends to leave the European Union. This led to a two-year negotiation period during which the British government and the EU carry out negotiations in Brussels on the withdrawal of the UK from the EU. The exact consequences of Brexit will depend on the agreements made about the future relationship between the UK and the EU. Below you will find a number of brochures that deal with the most frequently asked questions and the outcome of the negotiation process so far. For business-specific information, please check out the ‘Brexitloket’.


Below you will find two brochures by the Dutch government with questions and answers about the potentiatial consequences of Brexit:

Below is a brochure by the European Commission with questions and answers about the potentiatial consequences of Brexit: