The Orange Carpet Visa Facility in the United Arab Emirates

The Orange Carpet Visa Facility facilitates the issuance of visas with a business purpose.

Employees of companies that are registered as Orange Carpet Program beneficiaries with the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Abu Dhabi and/or with the Consulate-General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Dubai, are eligible for the Orange Carpet facility. The average processing time will be 15 calendar days.

Orange Carpet applicants can submit their visa application, through a representative, directly to VFS and are exempt from appearing in person, provided they have given their fingerprints at a Schengen Embassy in the past 59 months. The application can be made without any prior appointment during the VFS application submission timings: 9.00 – 12.00 hours Sunday – Thursday, see also VFS Global.

Advantages of the Orange Carpet Visa Facility:

  • The Orange Carpet applicant will be given priority at VFS Global; the applicant can submit the application without a prior appointment;
  • The Orange Carpet applicant does not need as many supporting documents as a regular applicant: no need to submit proof of itinerary, hotel reservations, insurance or financial means;
  • The Orange Carpet applicant can be given a visa with longer validity (maximum 5 years/ multiple entries).

General documents required:

  • Completed and signed Schengen application form;
  • Passport or official travel document and a copy of the data page (recognized by the Schengen States, issued within the previous ten years and with a validity of at least 3 months). The passport must be signed by the holder and contain at least two empty pages, specifically assigned to visa;
  • One passport-sized photo (not older than 6 months, 35-40mm in width, be taken with a light blue or grey background, full face, ears visible, and no sunglasses (Schengen photo requirements);
  • If applicable a copy of the applicant’s residence permit or other proof of legal status in country of applicant;
  • Visa fees and VFS service fees.

The following additional Orange Carpet documents have to be submitted at the VFS counter:

  1. An Orange Carpet cover letter signed by the applicant’s company contact person for the Orange Carpet Program, which guarantees that the company will cover all expenses involved and that the applicant is adequately (medically) insured during the visit;
  2. An official letter from the company (with logo) in the Netherlands indicating the purpose and the period of the visit; the purpose should always be business and not tourism;
  3. If  a spouse and/or children accompany the applicant, all details should be mentioned and guaranteed in the cover letter as well.
  • In case a spouse and/or children are accompanying the employee on the business trip and they are not mentioned in the OCP letter the following documents for the spouse/children have to be attached to the application:
  1. Copy of overseas medical insurance policy, including medical emergency evacuation cover (equivalent to 30,000 Euros), corresponding with the (desired) period of the visit;
  2. Copy of airline reservation, hotel reservation and health insurance in case the family members are not included in the orange carpet letter that they are fully covered.

Please note that additional documentation is required for applicants under the age of 18:

  • For children under 18 both parents must sign for consent to travel abroad. The parents sign on both pages of the visa application form and submit signed copies of their passports or ID cards.
  • The applying minor has to present him-/herself in person at the counter (including babies)
  • If the applicant is under custody of one parent only,  a certificate proving this is required. The documentation needs to be in original and issued by the legal authorities. The documentation also needs to be supported by a copy of the custodian's signed id-card or passport.

Disclaimer: The privileges under the OCP are limited by the conditions of the application submitted. The duration of the visa may be limited by the duration of the passport. No rights can be derived from the OCP facility. Misuse of OCP facility can lead to unconditional termination of use of the OCP facility.