Medical care abroad

If you fall ill while abroad, there are some things that are useful to know. For example, whether your health insurance will cover your medical costs. Or what you should do if an epidemic breaks out.

Insured abroad

Seeing a doctor or going to hospital abroad often costs more than in the Netherlands. Your health insurer may not cover the extra costs. This may also be the case if you need an ambulance, or if you get prescription medicines from a pharmacy abroad.

If you want to make sure you are insured for extra costs abroad, you can take out travel insurance or additional health insurance. For more information on medical care abroad see This site is in Dutch.

Longer stays abroad

If you are moving abroad or temporarily leaving the Netherlands, this is likely to have consequences for your health insurance. Check how you can get healthcare coverage abroad

Hospital admissions

If you suddenly have to go to hospital abroad, there will be a number of things to arrange.


Information about epidemics is available on the website of the National Coordination Centre for Travellers Advice (LCR) and the World Health Organization (WHO).