What is a citizen service number?

A citizen service number (BSN) is the unique personal number you are registered under in the Personal Records Database (BRP). You use this number in your dealings with the Dutch authorities. For example when filing your tax return or arranging your pension.

A BSN is comprised of 8 or 9 digits.

Period of validity

Your BSN is valid indefinitely. It remains valid even if you live or move abroad.

Replacement for tax and social insurance number

The BSN has replaced the tax and social insurance number (sofinummer).

Please note: if you left the Netherlands before 1 October 1994, you may no longer be able to use your tax and social insurance number as your BSN. Contact an RNI municipality for more information.

Don’t have a BSN?

Don't you have a citizen service number yet? Read how you can get a BSN.


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