Life certificate

If you live outside the Netherlands and receive an AOW pension, the Social Insurance Bank (SVB) may ask you for a life certificate to prove that you are still alive. Under normal circumstances, you provide this proof by completing an SVB life certificate form, having it signed and certified by a competent authority or individual and returning it to the SVB. However, due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) it is currently not possible to have the form signed and certified.

Life certificates are also known as:

  • proof of life certificates
  • proof of life declarations
  • declarations of existence

You have received a form but cannot have it completed at the moment. What should you do?

The time limit has been extended. You now have until 30 September 2020 to complete the life certificate form, have it signed and certified, and return it.

You have not yet received a form. When will you receive it?

We will not start sending life certificate forms again until 1 October 2020. You will receive your life certificate form after that date, whereupon you should complete it, have it signed and certified, and return it to us.

Your pension or benefit has been stopped. What should you do?

This is probably because the SVB has not received a life certificate form from you. If so, please contact the SVB as soon as possible.