Promoting interests of businesses and organisations in Tonga

The government actively promotes the interests of companies and organisations in Tonga. You can also contact the missions for assistance with business issues and local procedures.

Working together to create local opportunities and solutions

Embassy staff are committed to serving your interests and engaging in dialogue. They cannot, of course, always guarantee a solution.

Opening doors

Especially in countries with a directive government, it's often a good idea to use the services of the Dutch government. For instance, you can take part in our corporate presentations, missions or seminars. An important part of our work is opening doors. Embassy staff may be able to help you with their local knowledge and contacts.

Obstacles: local parties

You may encounter situations in which local authorities do not seem to want to cooperate, or official procedures act as barriers. The mission network may be able to help. Staff often have quicker access to the people who can remove obstacles.

And, if a local partner is causing problems, we can help by listening, offering tips and putting you in touch with lawyers and tax advisers, for example.

Promoting interests in this country or region

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