Emergency documents in Thailand

Did you lose your passport or identity card (ID card) in Thailand or has it been stolen? And do you wish to apply for a new passport, emergency passport or laissez-passer? Please bring the right documents to the embassy in Bangkok.

Passport or ID card lost or stolen

Has your passport or ID card been lost or stolen? Then you should contact the embassy or consulate in your region as soon as possible. They can help you with the request for a document that (temporarily) can replace your passport or ID card.

What do you need for an emergency document?

Are you applying for a new passport, emergency passport or laissez-passer? Then take these documents to the embassy or consulate:

 a fully completed passport application form
 a fully completed declaration of missing travel document
 if you have one: other proof of identity or copies thereof
 if you have one: a copy of your lost passport or ID card
2 passport photos (1 mandatory, 1 spare) that meet the Dutch requirements for passport photos
 If you have one: a police report that mentions the loss or theft of your passport or ID card
 proof that you can’t postpone your trip or proof that you are a tourist
tickets for your further journey when you travel by plane, train and / or boat.

Emergency document for children

Is the document for a child under the age of 18? Bring proof of permission from the parent (s) or guardian (s) with you. And copies of the passports of the parent (s) or guardian (s).

How long does it take?

An emergency passport or laissez-passer request takes an average of 2 to 3 working days. A new passport takes an average of 4 weeks.

If you find your lost or stolen document in the meantime, please hand it in at the embassy or consulate. You can’t use it anymore.

What does an emergency document cost?

The price of your emergency document can be found in the overview of consular fees.

Request emergency document in this country or region

If your passport is stolen or missing, send an e-mail to the embassy with your contact details to make an appointment to request a new passport or laissez passer document. Requests for an emergency document should always be done in person at the embassy in Bangkok.

Please note that you may have to change your return ticket / travel plans because a new passport or emergency document (laissez passer for travel to the Netherlands) can’t be issued the same day (new regular passport within a week and LP usually within 3 working days, if you have a copy of your lost / stolen passport).

A new passport or laissez passer document can only be issued after your personal data have been verified and in case of an emergency. You have to prove this by means of, for example, a plane ticket. A copy of your lost passport (or Dutch identity card or Dutch driving license) will speed up the verification procedure.

To be able to leave Thailand with your new passport or laissez passer or emergency document, you need a new entry stamp from the Thai Immigration, because you can no longer show your old entry stamp. This entry stamp can be obtained from the Thai Immigration on presentation of a police report (does not have to be translated) and a letter the embassy can make for you stating that you have lost your old passport or that it was  stolen. This letter costs € 30 and must be paid in Thai Baht.

In case of questions kindly use the contactform.