Dutch education in Thailand

The school finder helps you find schools providing Dutch education in Thailand.

In many countries children can complete some or all of their education in Dutch. They may be able to attend a Dutch school or take after-school classes.

Primary and secondary education abroad

If you live abroad your child has several schooling options, depending on the country:

  • a local school
  • an international or European school
  • a Dutch school

See rijksoverheid.nl for more information on schooling options abroad (this site is in Dutch).

School finder for Dutch schools

The Foundation for Dutch Education Worldwide (NOB) supports and funds Dutch-language education abroad. The NOB school finder (this site is in Dutch) helps you find schools that provide some form of Dutch education.

Dutch education in this country or region

There are multiple international schools located in Thailand. International schools are more expensive than Dutch or local schools and often not affordable for people on a small budget. You will find a complete list of international schools at “International Schools Association of Thailand”. Several international schools offer Dutch classes.

The Dutch School in Bangkok
At the Dutch School in Bangkok, children receive education in Dutch language and culture. The Dutch School in Bangkok is linked to two international schools in Bangkok, namely Bangkok Patanna School and International School Bangkok. At the Dutch School, both primary and secondary education is provided, with opportunities to achieve both the IGSCE and the IB degree for Dutch language. At ISB, classes take place after school time, and at Patana classes take place partly during and partly after school time. Moreover, the Dutch School makes use of the Dutch CITO test, which makes it easy to know how well your child is performing when returning to the Netherlands.

For more information, please contact e-mail nlschoolbangkok@gmail.com or the website www.nlschoolbangkok.com.

Dutch Lessons NIST
Dutch Lessons NIST (DLN), is the name of the Dutch school at NIST International School. DLN is supervised by the “Nederlandse Onderwijsinspectie”. Moreover, the “Stichting Nederlands Onderwijs in het Buitenland” (stichting NOB) offers support to DLN. DLN offers Dutch lessons on NIST during and after regular school hours.

From year 2 (groep 3) on, students at NIST International School will choose a second language from the World Language Programme. This can either be the mother tongue language, or another new language. Dutch is on the list of the World Language Programme. At the moment, Dutch lessons are exclusively offered to students who have Dutch as their mother tongue.

The Dutch lessons are part of the curriculum of the NIST International School and are therefore only accessible for NIST students. The Dutch course is included in the students’ report. Students who choose Dutch as an elective course during the DP-years are able to obtain a bilingual IB-grade.  NIST is the only school in Bangkok where Dutch lessons take place during school hours and have a permanent place in the NIST student reports. All classes take place in the Dutch classroom, where also a library is found with a wide selection of Dutch reading books for all ages. Although the Dutch classes are part of the NIST curriculum, an additional fee has to be paid. More information on the fees is found on the website of NIST.

Dutch classes after regular school hour
DLN provides Dutch lessons for Dutch students after regular school hours. These classes are offered to students starting at the age of 4 and are accessible for NIST and external students. Classes take place in the Dutch classroom at NIST International School. Preferences for days and times of the classes are bargained between teachers, parents and students.

For more information, please email dutchlessonsnist@yahoo.com

NIST International School
Attn. Dutch Lessons Nist
36 soi 15 Sukhumvit road, Wattana Bangkok, 10110 Bangkok
KIS International School
Dutch lessons are set up by parents with help and cooperation of the school. Currently the classes are taught by competent teacher, for both KIS students and external students. It is possible to follow Dutch classes during school hours.

KIS International School
999/124 Kesinee Ville
Pracha-Utit Road
Huay Kwang
Bangkok 10320

T: +66 (0) 2274 3444
F: +66 (0) 2274 3452
W www.kis.ac.th; For language classes: http: //www.kis.ac.th/languages-at-kis
E: linda@kis.ac.th

The Dutch Stream, St. Andrews International School, Green Valley Campus
St. Andrews International School, Green Valley is located conveniently between Pattaya and Rayong. The school has a flourishing Dutch Stream with language lessons for children aged 4-18 years old.

Classes last for 3-6 hours per week in a dedicated class area, with the objective of building and maintaining proficiency in the students’ mother tongue, as well as progressing through to exam success in IGCSE Dutch and IB Diploma Dutch.

Lessons are structured according to language benchmarks set by the Dutch Government and The Inspector of Education. These ensure that students can read, write and comprehend the language at the appropriate level. There are no additional fees charged for this programme.

Rayong Green Valley Estate
1 Moo 7, Banchang
Makham Road (route 3376)
Rayong 21130
P.O. Box 54 Ban Chang, Rayong 21130

T: +66 388 937 16/717/718 ext. 202
F: +66 388 937 20
E: dutchstream@standrews-schools.com
W: http://www.standrewsgreenvalley.com/curriculum/dutch-stream.html