Opportunities for businesses in Sweden

The Dutch embassy in Stockholm monitors any developments that occur within the Swedish market and can supply general and sector-specific information to Dutch companies looking to export to or invest in Sweden. The embassy can also provide information about the local laws and regulations. Although the embassy cannot conduct market research, it is able to support entrepreneurs in searching for information and new business leads.

Opportunities and developments

Staff at our missions closely monitor economic, innovative and social developments. They identify opportunities, trends and local demand, for example for specific products or techniques. And they also monitor opportunities for and developments in innovation, international corporate social responsibility and procurement. This includes contracting by international organisations (website in Dutch).

For more information on international opportunities, see the International Business portal and the 'NL exporteert' app (both in Dutch).

Market and sector reports

Missions also compile market and sector reports (website in Dutch). You can also find reports by private parties, such as banks. This way, you can keep up with key business developments in the local market.

New business opportunities in this country or region

The opportunities for entrepreneurs are mainly in the following areas:

  • Urban development
  • Infrastructure
  • Sustainable transport
  • Healthcare
  • Energy
  • Circular economy
  • Smart cities
  • Opportunities for start-ups exist too

Opportunities in the Nordic Baltic Network
Since December 2013, the Dutch embassies in Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, and Sweden have been working together within the Nordic Baltic Network (NBN). By combining these forces we can support business in the Netherlands even more, and connect it with the appropriate local counterparts in this region. Even though the individual countries are quite small, we can, due to such a network, give more visibility to opportunities in the region as a whole. We do this together with the Regional Business Development team. The team puts regional businesses and projects on the map, looks for interested companies, and then works to cooperatively create a plan in order to utilise opportunities which may arise.

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Exchang of information and experiences via LinkedIn
On the LinkedIn group “Nordic Baltic Network - Your Dutch connection in the Nordics” we post messages about business opportunities in in Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, and Sweden. Here you will also find information on general economic developments and other information about our region that are of importance to Dutch entrepreneurs. In addition, we hope that this group can serve as a forum where knowledge and experiences can be exchanged between the group’s members.

Want to know more?
You can contact the trade specialists in Stockholm through sto-ea@minbuza.nl

Eva Blom, +46 8 556 933 17
Sigrid Westman, +46 8 556 933 15