Annual report: This was the year that was 2018

A new year, which means looking forward. We asked ourselves the question: “what will the Embassy undertake in the new year?” Discussing this, we concluded that looking back is as important as looking forward. 2018 was after all a year in which we set a precedent for the new year. In This is the year that was 2018 we highlight those events or happenings that were the most valuable to us and our work. Moreover, we explain their link with 2019. Below you can find the seven leading topics for us this year: sustainability, human rights, bilateral relations, innovation, Europe, consular, and last but not least our team. These are accompanied by examples of what we organised and its concrete results, as well as a brief look ahead at our plans for 2019 for that specific topic. Just click on the links below to get to know more about what we undertook in 2018!