Our team: new faces, old cooperations

As a rather small Embassy, we have a small and dynamic team. We do not only have colleagues in Stockholm, as many think, but even in Gothenburg and Malmö. Our contact with the Honorary Consuls in Malmö and Gothenburg are very good. Moreover, in the whole Nordic-Baltic region we cooperate closely with other Embassies. The countries seem small separately, but as a region, this is the second-most important region regarding trade for the Netherlands. Exchange of information, common strategies and for example our Nordic-Baltic Network are needed to facilitate and stimulate Dutch countries to come here.

We welcomed a new Regional Business Developer in Gothenburg at the end of summer: Richard Holm. He will be responsible for seeking opportunities for Dutch companies in the Nordics, especially in Norway and the western part of Sweden. From the start, he has been busy! Together with Sigrid Westman and Astrid Janssen (Embassy of the Netherlands in Norway), he facilitated a fact-finding mission of the Netherlands Aerospace Group in Sweden and Norway. This fact-finding mission included a few general visits to stakeholders both from the industry, government and associations. There was also time for B2B meetings and matchmaking events. Do you want to know about possibilities for Dutch companies in Norway and the western part of Sweden? You can contact Richard and/or read more about the fact-finding mission of NAG.

Moreover, during this year we welcomed several temporary colleagues. Amongst others Rutger Oorsprong, who was doing a ‘Rijkstraineeship’. During his half year in Stockholm, he focused specifically on circular economy. The Green Deal workshop, mentioned under ‘Sustainability’ in this annual report, was for example one of his merits. Together with the intern Niels Back, Rutger organised the third Young Professionals Event about the Swedish elections, mentioned under ‘Bilateral relations’ in this annual report. Niels even helped with political affairs, economic and trade affairs as well as public diplomacy.

Niels passing on the Swedish flag to Sven, thereby ending his internship.

Our team! From left to right: Nina Jaktlund (Operational Manager), Sigrid Westman (Trade & Innovation Officer), Frank Schipper (Public Diplomacy and Political Affairs), Richard Holm (Regional Business Development, based in Gothenburg), Ines Coppoolse (Ambassador), Govert Visser (Deputy Ambassador), Eva Blom (Trade & Economic Officer), Edgar Haverkamp (Consular Affairs), Wilco Schuttelaar (Innovation Advisor), Niels Back (Intern, current intern is Sven Schreurs), Anders Wård (General Affairs), Yvette Bongers (Management Support), Bert Peelen (General and Consular Affairs) and Rutger Oorsprong (Rijkstrainee Circular Economy, currently back in the Netherlands working for the Ministry of Economic Affairs).